About Us

The objective of Mindful Mental Health of Alabama, LLC., is to deliver convenient, compassionate mental health therapy. This therapy is directed to aging patients who reside in assisted living communities, long-term care/skilled nursing rehabilitation communities and for individuals living in independent domiciles.

This care is delivered by MMHA regional provider partners and their therapists, who deliver care in the privacy of the patients’ residences. In order to accomplish this objective, MMHA offers to interested individuals, a business in specific territories, for entrepreneurs under a “Network Partner Management Agreement”. As a result of these regional territory specific practices, MMHS Network Partners provide the community with clinicians who are competent and respect all races, religions, and cultures in the work they do. We are committed to our community-based facilities and healthcare providers by bringing education, clinical support and the highest standards of care excellence to the clinical setting. Our primary goal is to enrich the lives of the communities that we serve.

About Mindful Mental Health of Alabama

The MMHA partners focus is to provide supportive, inspired care that meets the needs of patients and their families. Mindful Mental Health of Alabama, LLC., provides a full range of mental health psychotherapeutic services for patients in a variety of settings. Therapy is delivered either face to face or through TeleMental Health. Our therapy program is offered at no additional cost to a residential community or to the patient. MMHA directly bills Medicare and/or the patients’ private insurance. Additionally, we offer fee for service therapy.

Mindful Mental Health of Alabama, LLC., recognizes that there is often a need for a continuum of care for individuals moving from their independent residences to assisted living facilities to skilled nursing rehabilitation facilities (with or without long-term care). Mindful Mental Health of Alabama, LLC., healthcare providers assist patients along this way with efforts to provide compassionate and mindful therapy.

A pivotal component for a successful clinical business is recruitment of the mental health providers that deliver services. Mindful Mental Health of Alabama, LLC., has tremendous experience in provider recruitment and retention. Our experienced and qualified therapists (e.g. Licensed Clinical Social Workers [LCSWs] and Clinical Psychologists), are fully licensed, practice in-step with accepted evidenced-based clinical therapy and are responsible and respectful in the care they give.